About Me

I am a housebound grandmother that loves cooking.  I started cooking at age six in self-defense.  Our mother is not a good cook.  My husband says that I only know how to cook one thing -- Food, good and plenty of it.  During the lean years he used to brag to his coworkers that I could go into an empty cupboard and come out with a seven course meal.  The man tells whoppers.  it was only a single course and the cupboard wasn't empty there was flour, shortening, baking powder, salt, spices, and a couple cans of dubious origin.

I believe The Bible.  I don't believe I have to read the Authorized (King James) Version to go to Heaven.  I enjoy my relationship with God.  I'm very glad that Jesus came and will come again.  I know He loves me and cares for me on a daily basis through The Holy  Spirit.  That doesn't stop me from reserving the option to be angry with Him when I don't get my way.

Back when I could go and do stuff.  I was a volunteer librarian, chaplain, and driver.  Before that I worked in food service.  Along the way I worked in Carnivals, on ranches, in auto shops, and served in the U.S. Army.  I've milked cows, cleaned up after them, rounded them up from horseback, and butchered them.  Chickens, too.  Driven trucks, cars, motorcycles, tractors, and even one time for a few yards a tank.  I learned how to service the vehicles I drove and left blood and skin in every rig I owned.  

When I was a child the boys and many of the adults in my world told me that girls couldn't be ____.  I have since discovered that not only were they historically inaccurate, they were wrong about my chances also.  I've only been a pirate role playing and online, but I think I've ticked every other "girls can't do that" off the list.

Since my world shrank to the size of this house, I have not been active in politics.  I still dabble a bit in veterans' issues and the rare bit of child advocacy.

I also enjoy crochet, reading, and playing games.  I'm learning to knit.

I live with our eldest daughter, her husband, and their two sons in Southeastern Washington state.

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