Thursday, August 9, 2012


As mentioned daughter wanted me to turn beef bottom round roast into burgers.  That cut of meat was LEAN  it needed fat.  A lot of fat.  Burgers, bacon.  Why not use bacon for the fat in the burger?  The results were beyond yummy.

I used the meat grinder on my 6 quart Kitchen Aid mixer.  It was almost too easy.

2-2 3/4 pounds lean beef bottom round  (very cold to partially frozen)
1 pound cheap pork bacon, frozen

Cut the beef into chunks small enough to fit into the grinder.  grind on coarse.
Cut the FROZEN bacon in half, then cut each half into strips that will fit into the grinder.  Grind on fine.
(optional step: regrind the beef on fine)
Mix the beef and bacon thoroughly.
Let chill out for 8 hours.
Form into patties.

These had a marvelous bacony flavor and were moist even when very well done.

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