Sunday, August 4, 2013

Upcycled orange bag

 Orange Bag Redone

1 nylon net bag used for oranges or onions or other fruits and vegetables.
Worsted weight (DK) cotton yarn ( I used two small leftover balls about the size of a large egg each.)
Crochet hook  sized for the holes in your net.  (I used an H/5mm.)
Yarn needle (optional, but makes tail weaving easier)

  1.  Trim the ends so that they are square or even.
  2. Starting at bottom, fold over about one inch of the bag evenly.  (Make a "hem" or "cuff")
  3. Join yarn with a slip stitch in any hole along the fold. (the holes are a bit hard to see. Stretch the bag to find them easier.)
  4. Chain 1, single crochet in each hole around making sure that you go through two layers of bag. Join with a slip stitch to first single crochet.
  5. Chain 1, single crochet 2 together around. (or single crochet , single crochet 2 together if a larger base is desired) Join with slip stitch to first Single crochet.
  6. Continue single crochet 2 together ( or SC, SC2Tog) and joining each round until 3 stitches remain. Fasten off leaving long tail.
  7. With yarn needle, close hole and weave in tails.
  8. Top:  Fold over about two inches then fold again so that there are four layers for your hook to go through.
  9. Join yarn and crochet around like you did in steps 3 & 4.  this time make sure you go through four layers of bag.
  10. Chain 1, Single crochet around. Join with slip stitch to first single crochet.
  11. Chain 1, Single crochet in first 10 stitches (Omit If you don't mind having your handle at your join ), chain a nice handle length (10-12 inches), Join with a slip stitch on the opposite side of the rim.  (I just laid the bag flat with the stitch the chain started from on my right and carefully without twisting the chain dove into the stitch that was on my far left..)
  12. Single crochet in each chain back to the first chain then continue Single crochet around to chain join. Slip stitch to opposite side of  the chain Single crochet the other side of the chain, slip stitch in the space at chain base , and finish the round. join to first single crochet with slip stitch and bind off.
  13. weave in ends.

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