Friday, March 16, 2012

Life, the multiverse, and nothing.

So I've been dealing with the winter blahs.  February really is the longest month and then they throw that extra day  in every four years just to torture us .  The sun is starting to come closer and now the wind is roaring.  No wonder I'm up all night playing games on Facebook and watching my stories on the DVR.

For those of you who came in late, I despise the wind.  I know it's a mental block but the sound drives me crazy.  My nerves just rub raw and keep watching for something to come flying through a window.  My jaw will be so tight that I swear I can hear my teeth crack.  The changes in air pressure, the increased sediment in the air, and the noise don't help my sinuses and ears.  Wind is a way of life here and one more thing to just get over and life past.

Most of the winter I've been here in this room.  I went out for Christmas and a couple doctor visits, but otherwise I've been right here in this recliner or the bed.  Daughter says "Mom, why don't you do this or that?"  I go out to the room where this or that is and this or that is buried under clean laundry or this or that is shoved back in corner where a mountain climber couldn't get to it.  Daughter asks why I didn't do this or that and I tell her.  She rolls her eyes and walks away.  I do hear her talking to Son-in-law about how this or that needs to out where we can use it.  This or that is still pushed in the corner and covered in clothes two months later.

I do want to collect all my recipes from their various locations across the web and bring them all here.  I need to get that done soon because I may not have access to some sites much longer.  I want to make Green Chile Chicken Enchilada Soup again.  I just want to cook again.


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